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Jessica Tevenan

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Hi everyone, my name is Jessica Tevenan.  I am delighted and very excited to be representing Glasgow this year for the 51st International Mary From Dungloe Festival. This is a huge honour for me.  Since being selected in March, I have taken great pride in all the Mary duties that I have undertaken so far.  It has been overwhelming to meet so many new friends and Irish families in Glasgow who are huge supporters of the festival down through the ages.


I am a 21-year-old Civil Servant. I work full time and I also have many hobbies, mostly sport related & currently quite passionate about Badminton. I love running and not long retired from gymnastics. I love to travel and explore beautiful cities & countries in the world. I always have itchy feet and my passport ready to go. However, I love my weekends in Donegal.  My family hail from Lettermacaward, just outside Dungloe.  My proud Grandfather who has sadly passed away was Josie Owen Duffy.  I love going back to Leitir to visit my family and I have a special connection with the area as I was christened in St. Conal’s chapel in Doochary.


I have spent many summers in the beautiful town of Dungloe and my earliest memories were spent watching the Mary’s on the lorry floats, eating cones on the Main Street, as well as going to Dooey beach and having fun with my cousins, jumping around on the turf stacks.


Leitir is a 2nd home to me. I have grown up around the Irish music and culture with my father’s parents also Irish and both from County Galway. The history of emigration of Irish people is so dear to me, coming from a family that have brought me up with so much heritage despite living away from their homeland. This has been my inspiration and my main driver when making the decision to go forward for selection for the Glasgow Mary and come to this fabulous festival of culture.


I cannot wait to make my own memories with the other Mary’s from all around the world. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning more about the wonderful town of Dungloe and making some life-long friends along the way.


I want to say a big Thank you to my sponsor; Keith & The Staff of Malones Irish Bar in Glasgow and to the Glasgow Mary Selection committee for all their support in the lead up to our week ahead.


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