New York Mary

New York Mary

New York Mary

My name is Sheena Mullan. I was born in Derry and raised in Queens, NY. I take great pride in being a first generation Irish citizen living in New York. It has allowed me to have a deep appreciation for my roots while living in the vibrant melting pot that is Queens. Upon graduating from Manhattan College, I spent a year as a full time volunteer teacher in the South Side of Chicago. During this year I spent my time in the classroom as well as in the after school center, where I taught guitar lessons and ran the Open Mic events for the high school students.


After I returned from Chicago I started a small online business

focused on women empowerment. My mission is to share positivity through poetry, social media, and apparel while also giving back to the community. A percentage of the sales made from my small business is sent to the afterschool center where I worked in Chicago.


Since being back in NY, I’ve been teaching guitar and traditional Irish singing at the local Irish centers in Woodlawn, Mineo and Long Island City. I play gigs on the weekends with a former NY Mary in a duet called ‘Keep ‘Er Lit.’ We play a mix of Irish and American Country in the great Irish pubs of Queens & the Bronx.


For the past year I've been working at a media company in downtown Manhattan. I am now currently enrolled in classes at the School of Visual Arts to pursue digital media art. I have also recently joined the Annie Moore Camogie team, based in the



I am excited to return to Dungloe after my first visit in 2008 whenmy sister was the NY Mary. I am proud to represent New York and excited to take part in all the festivities. A big thank you to International Framers who are sponsoring my travel to


Sheena Mullan

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